Another of our Burundi refugees has become a United States citizen! Forty-eight of our refugees are avidly working toward their citizenship through newly organized programs at St. Leo.

Our Monday ESL class has moved to 10:00 am-noon on Saturdays to better accommodate more individuals who must be tutored in speaking and reading English as well as United States Civics. The volunteers from Monday night will be joined by new volunteers able to make it on Saturdays along with volunteers from the Junior League. In addition to all that, a drumming program incorporating citizenship concepts is being held for our senior refugees.

To test your own civics knowledge, visit

Scroll down to the Civics Test section and click on “100 civics questions on the naturalization test”. For some questions, the person taking the test may only have to answer one or a few of the options listed. Here are a few examples of the questions with answers to test your own civics skills!

1. What is the supreme law of the land?
the Constitution

2. What does the Constitution do?
sets up the government
defines the government
protects basic rights of Americans

3. The idea of self-government is in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words?
We the People

4. What is an amendment?
a change (to the Constitution)
an addition (to the Constitution)

5. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?
the Bill of Rights

6. What is one right or freedom from the First Amendment?*
petition the government 

7. How many amendments does the Constitution have?
▪ twenty-seven (27)

61. Why did the colonists fight the British?
▪ because of high taxes (taxation without representation)
▪ because the British army stayed in their houses (boarding, quartering)
▪ because they didn’t have self-government 

62. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
▪ (Thomas) Jefferson 

66. When was the Constitution written?
▪ 1787 

67. The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers.
▪ (James) Madison
▪ (Alexander) Hamilton
▪ (John) Jay
▪ Publius 

68. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for?
▪ U.S. diplomat
▪ oldest member of the Constitutional Convention
▪ first Postmaster General of the United States
▪ writer of “Poor Richard’s Almanac”
▪ started the first free libraries 

88. Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States.
▪ Missouri (River)
▪ Mississippi (River) 

Additionally, the Tuesday tutoring class will expand to include adults. The one-on-one assistance will reinforce the Saturday classes and help the adults with their own “homework”. In light of all this, reinforcements are needed for the Citizenship Project! If you are interested in helping either Saturday 10:00am to noon, or Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm, please call the parish office at 513-921-1044. And what a wonderful way to brush up on your own sense of being a U.S. citizen! 

- Stephanie Sepate