Our Burundi Women’s Group prepared for the celebration of our Freedom by creating a delicious Fourth of July Cake, decorated with yummy fresh strawberries and blueberries!

ESL teacher, Jan, presented this creative and witty teaching idea with discussion on the founding of our country and some history lessons! Some of the women share their thoughts on what our country’s celebration means to them.

 "It is better in America because they respect the law of man. The government here respects humanity." America respects women. The men don't abuse the women or children. Children have the freedom to be anything they want." -Claudette Murekatete

“We love it because we live here now.” - Epiphanie Nibogoro

 “American freedom is good because they helped me to come over here.” - Amissa Nshimiriman

“If America was not peaceful, we wouldn’t be able to come here. American freedom makes me happy and I enjoy it because if America was not free I might not be able to leave Africa to come here. American freedom is our freedom because it helps other countries. We are here and we don’t feel as if we are foreigners. Americans make us feel like one of you. It is better for our children—they go to school and there is help for us and we feel safe.” - Rebeka Baranyibikiye