Celebrating Our 125th!


Once upon a time….

 St. Leo the Great Parish began with immigrants and refugee parishioners…

What happens now?  What process is there for our Immigrants and Refugees?  Are there any options for becoming citizens?

Here are some quotes and feelings from our Burundians on being in our country:

...United States means a lot to us because brought refugees here. have freedom.

...not suffering as we were in camps.

...can get water and medical care without having to walk so far to get there
had to carry water and baby.

...brought family here. Good to be together.’s time to get citizenship but need more English to pass test.

Refugees will try to get a “green card” after a year of coming to the U.S. on asylum/refugee status.  After another four years, they may apply for citizenship.  During this time, good moral character must be established and no long term travels abroad.

When the time comes to apply for US citizenship, they must be able to read, write, speak and understand simple words and phrases in English. They will also have to have a basic understanding and knowledge of US history and government.  A test will be given on all these aspects.  The ESL classes at St. Leo are therefore so integral in helping with these foundations for citizenship.