Saturday, September 19, 2020

Global Greetings!

Who doesn’t love a brown mail parcel arriving at their doorstep?  Amazon?  Ahhh...this was from our friends in New Zealand. (See April, 2013 newsletter.) More specifically from Caprice, who, for her “Random Act of Kindness Week” at school, decided to send the intriguing package.  Caprice is 9 years old and attends St. Francis de Sales School in Island Bay.

The excitement mounted as we discovered oodles of knitted booties, gloves, sweaters, and more!  So tiny and so cute!  “I thought I might post some baby clothes over to you so that you can give some to the people of your parish.  I hope they will be of use to you and keep your babies warm,” Caprice wrote.

To top it off, our New Zealand friends have a new addition!  Enclosed was a picture of Caprice and her younger brothers, Miguel-6 years old, and Domenico-4 months old.

Thank you, Caprice for your beautiful hug from afar. –

S. Sepate


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