ESL Volunteer Tutors Needed!


Most of us have uttered these words throughout our lives. We learned it by rote. We heard it in school. We even heard it watching some TV shows.

On the horizon is the dream of our refugees to iterate this pledge and join the people of our great nation as citizens. Two have already realized this dream. Forty-eight more are in preparation.

Could you help in their dream? We are still working out particulars, and scheduling a curriculum to begin in January, 2014. Studying English as a Second Language and answers to 100 questions in American Civics is a must for them. With help, they’re sure to succeed. Without help, they’ll lose benefits and assistance through social programs but remain on a permanent resident status.

ESL is simply phonics and word recognition, although some are illiterate even in their own language. Civics, well, you don’t even need to know the answers—although you should...we all should! Curious to know what they are? Just search “citizenship test questions” on the internet. Once at the website, you can look up the actual 100 questions with answers. And, by the way, the Constitution was written in 1787.

ESL Classes are now being held on Saturdays from 10:00 am until Noon in the rectory. If you feel moved to help in any way, be it helping at classes, tutoring individually, or being “on call” for special needs/situations, please call the parish office at 921-1044.

…”with liberty and justice for all.”

- Stephanie Sepate