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"Participation in Christ's Body and Blood does nothing less than transform us into that which we consume.  We bear in soul and body Him whose fellowship we died, were buried, and are risen." 

St. Leo the Great

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Sister Mary Duddey, SDP receives
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Reflecting the Multicultural Face of God
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Immigrants are revitalizing St. Leo's in North Fairmount
Written by Kevin Eigelbach, WCPO Contributor

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St. Leo's Welcomes You!
St. Leo the Great Parish is where foreign mission meets home mission. A vibrant, diverse, urban Catholic parish community living the spiritual and corporal works of mercy, St. Leo’s serves a diverse group of parishioners that includes recent immigrants and refugees. St. Leo’s offers you the unique opportunity to be a part of a true, international community of believers. 

Murakoze Neza! Turi umuryango wa katorika, dushimangiye mw’isengesho ryo guhazwa tukishimira imitundukarire yacu kandi tugasabana mu rukundo rw’imana mu miryango yo gutunyanirwa mu duce dutuyemo mu gihe duhagurukiye ubufatanye bwo muri mpwemu y’ibikogwa y’impuhwe.

¡Bienvenida! Somos una Comunidad católica, molimos en la oración eucarística, celebrando nuestra diversidad y compartir el amor de Dios por ministerios de servir y ser presente en vecindarios urbanos en apuros al centrarse en el cabo y trabajos espirituales de misericordia. 

It's Epiphany Every Sunday at St. Leo!

About St. Leo's

Where Foreign Mission Meets Home Mission 

Founded in 1886, St. Leo Church was founded by German Catholic immigrants. Now it is home to Burundian, Congolese and Guatemalan immigrants.

120 years ago the current church was built at the corner of 2573 St. Leo Place and Baltimore Avenue.


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Pastoral Care
Answers to often asked questions about annulment, counseling, funerals, anointing of the sick, RCIA, and weddings.

The Sacraments are the cornerstone of our Catholic faith. Learn about each sacrament and who to contact for more information. 

Meet the staff, learn about areas of responsibility and get contact information for our Pastor, the Reverend James R. Schutte, and our staff.

Explore opportunities for stewardship giving including gifts of cash, credit card withdrawals, gifts of stock, wills, planned gifts, annuities and more.

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St. Leo's Contact Information

St. Leo Church
is located at the corner of St. Leo Place and Baltimore Avenue in the North Fairmount neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Phone:  513-921-1044


Our mailing address is:
St. Leo Church
2573 St. Leo Place
Cincinnati, OH 45225-1960

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St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in North Fairmount has become a haven for a diverse population of refugees, immigrants and native Cincinnatians. Read more about the church and its Burundian refugee parishioners at


St. Leo The Great Parish

Rev. James R. Schutte, Pastor
2573 St. Leo Place
Cincinnati, OH 45225
513-921-1044 ext. 21


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